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About Laughter

 What is laughter? Why do we laugh? How does laughter affect our mind and body?

Laughter is a complex phenomenon that scientists have been trying to understand for centuries and it is still not fully understood. Where does laughter originate? Is it only humans that laugh? Is humour and laughter the same thing? What happens to us when we laugh? What impact does laughter have on those around us? Is laughter really contagious? Does our sense of humour change? So many seemingly unanswered questions! You can discover more throughout this website, in our blog and social media posts, and in our external links to scientific studies carried out by other gelotologists (those that study the therapeutic effects of laughter on the mind and body).

What Is Laugh Therapy?

We all know that laughter makes us feel better but have we ever stopped to consider how and why? Stress is one of the biggest killers for humans. Its impact on our mental and physical health is great. Research shows that laughter has far-reaching mental, physical and emotional benefits and can help in the treatment of a range of conditions.  


​Laugh Therapy involves using laughter for theraputic benefit. Our carefully planned programme incorporates elements of mindfulness, play, meditation, elation and relaxation, breathing exercises, positive psychology, brain training, laughter inducing activities and more.​ Click the link to find out more about what Laugh Therapy is and how it can help you.

Who Would Benefit From Laugh Therapy?

A word cloud with Laugh Therapy in the centre, surrounded by the many health benefits of laughter

Due to the positive impact laughter has on mind and body, many people can benefit from Laugh Therapy.


It is not intended to be the cure to all ills and should certainly not replace the advice of your doctor, however medical and scientific research shows that it can have quite profound effects when supporting the treatment of a wide range of conditions, due to the way that the mind and body responds when laughing.​


Since laughter is essentially a method for communicating, expressing or releasing emotions, Laugh Therapy is great for individuals, but it is also good for tackling stress and anxiety in schools, hospitals, care homes and the workplace.


Laughter and play can enhance memory, creativity and learning, provide perspective and emotional detachment in difficult situations, strengthen personal and working relationships, boost confidence, social skills and self-esteem, and improve engagement and productivity in work environments too.​

Wordcloud listing the various physical benefits that result from laughter

Physiological Benefits of Laugh Therapy

Among other physical effects; laughter can lower blood pressure, blood sugar and bad cholesterol, increase blood flow, blood oxygen and virus killing cells. Boosts energy and the immune system, improves breathing and blood vessel function, reduces inflammation and pain. It can even burn calories and exercise shoulder, back and abdomen.​

Psychological Benefits of Laugh Therapy

Laughter can have a remarkable impact on our brain. It can improve mental health and enhance cognitive function and create a healthy link between mind and body by reducing cortisol levels (connected with stress and anxiety) and increasing gamma waves, (related to memory and learning). Laughter also releases dopemine and serotonin, which are linked to happiness and pain management.

Wordcloud listing the various mental health benefits that result from laughter
Wordcloud listing the various social, emotional and spiritual benefits that result from laughter

Social, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Laugh Therapy

As a social tool, laughter unites people. It strengthens relationships, signals social interest and builds trust. Laughter can defuse conflict, heal resentments, alleviate anger and resolve disagreements.


Aside from the joy and positivity it can bring, laughter can provide an important emotional release, provide respite, build emotional resilience, breed mindfulness and foster emotional connections with others. 

Who Are We?

Laugh Therapy UK is an organisation committed to researching and promoting the therapeutic health benefits of mirthful laughter. We provide a range of services including consultancy, live and virtual workplace training, educational seminars and webinars, interactive public speaking events and practical workshops.


Our experiences using laughter as a tool for improved health and wellbeing is what has driven us to set up Laugh Therapy and promote its benefits to as many people as possible. We know it works and have the evidence to back it. When you have participated in one of our programmes, you will realise its benefits too. 

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