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Laugh Therapy Student Wellbeing Workshop

A fun 100 minute practical laughter workshop to boost student wellbeing & learning (KS2 to Uni)

  • 1 h 40 min
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Service Description

Multiple studies show that laughter can have a profound impact on learning, attainment and mental health and the evidence emanating from studies is ever growing. Laughter has been proven to stimulate areas of the brain that improve memory, creativity and problem solving skills. It enhances energy, alertness, concentration and engagement. Laughter can make us feel calmer, build optimism, develop resilience, enhance pupil / teacher relationships, lessen exam stress and anxiety and so much more. Delivered by an experienced former Advanced Skills Teacher and now gelotologist and accredited laughter therapist; students will participate in carefully selected, fun and engaging exercises whilst learning strategies that can have a far-reaching benefit to their learning, attainment, engagement, mental health and social/emotional wellbeing. During this active, fast-paced session they will understand how laughter can develop their confidence and self-esteem, can be a tool for inclusivity and why, if used inappropriately, can have damaging effects on others. Students will be taught strategies to help them lift their mood, develop coping skills and strengthen their resilience during challenges. They will also participate in an endorphin-boosting Laughter Yoga session and a relaxing Laughter Meditation. Tailored to students from Key Stage 2 to University, it can be a particular benefit both at the start of term, to bond and engage, as well as when they approach key exams and assessments such as SATs, GCSE/A Levels, etc. This workshop can be booked for a class or specifically selected group of students as an intervention. Alternatively, you can book a double or triple sessions to cover multiple groups across one full day. As a bonus, teachers/lecturers will receive ideas for follow-up activities, proven strategies to integrate more play and laughter into their lessons, as well as starter, plenary, transition and refocusing exercises to engage learners and enhance their content or topic. Contact us with any questions and to get a quote.

Contact Details

+ +44 7543663901

Business Address 76 Arden Way, Market Harborough, UK

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