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 About Laugh Therapy

Laugh Therapy is an organisation committed to researching and providing resources, services, classes, personal support, educational events and workplace workshops promoting the therapeutic health benefits of mirthful laughter. Our experiences with laughter as a tool for improved health and wellbeing is what has driven us to set up Laugh Therapy and promote its benefit to as many people as possible. We know it works and, when you have participated in our programme, you will realise its benefits too. 

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We believe that laughter should be genuine and that there are more benefits from mirthful laughter than feigned laughter, We design bespoke therapy sessions tailored to the individual's condition and needs. We offer a full programme of support from the initial introductory consultation and assessment, right through to the agreed conclusion. We aim to research and discover all conditions where laughter has shown scientifically measured therapeutic benefit and are keen to offer a range of services and resources to suit.  We have extensive strategies and exercises to suit all. Click here and visit one of our Laughter Events and find out first hand about the phenomenal power laughter has not just on the soul but on our mind and body too. 

Barry Taylor  
B.A. Hons (Salford), PG Cert Ed (Cambridge),
Dip. Laughter Therapy, MCMA
Barry Taylor. Laughter Therapist and Gelotologist. Founder of Laugh Therapy UK
Barry is a first class B.A. Honours graduate in Performance and Media, where he specialised in Humour and Comedy for his final year dissertation.
He is a post-graduate in education (PGCE with QTS) from Cambridge University. Having worked as a youth worker and touring actor, Barry spent 14 years working in secondary, sixth-form and adult education as a Lead Practitioner, an Advanced Skills Teacher and teacher trainer. 
Barry passed his Laughter Therapist Diploma with a 96% distinction. He is a member of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists (IAHT).
Barry heads Laugh Therapy UK, where he is also a researcher and gelotologist, writing on humour, comedy and the physical and mental health benefits of mirthful laughter. He is keen to make Laugh Therapy inclusive, anxiety-free and genuinely funny.

"Feigned laughter can have notable health benefits, but evidence shows that mirthful laughter - laughter that is genuine and hearty - has much wider physiological and psychological impact. I feel it is as important to create an environment that is conducive to this from the moment people arrive, as it is to provide strategies and exercises that will produce genuine laughter and extensive health benefits."

Katharine Markee  
B.A. Hons (Brighton), Dip. Dance (Northern),
Katharine Markee. Freelance Dance and Theatre Practitioner. Laugh Therapy UK Workshop Leader

Katharine has worked as a teacher and freelance dance & theatre practitioner for 27 years, since graduating from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, having previously completed a B.A. in Expressive Arts (Dance & Photography) at The University Of Brighton and an Art Foundation at Loughborough University.


She co-founded (with Jane Oliver) Scrannidge. Deputy Head. Dance Theatre Company, and has devised, performed and toured, with her original work, both nationally and internationally. She has worked as a performer with other companies, Gecko and Candoco to name a couple, however, the main gist of her career has been in creating and performing her own work, delivered with accompanying educational packages. She has also worked in film and as a photographer. 


Katharine has more recently taught at Laban, (physical theatre for dancers and choreography) and at The National Centre For Circus Arts (movement, performance skills & choreography). 


“I am also a qualified life coach. This informs and fuels my drive to facilitate freedom of expression and confidence, joy and the enhanced wellbeing generated through movement, physical theatre and improvisation.


Over the years, I have taught and mentored lots of different people of all ages. I aim to provide learning opportunities that are accessible and delivered with humour and warmth. I approach my work (with children and adults alike) from the standpoint that everyone's creativity and self expression need careful nurturing and preservation. This sensitive and holistic approach, I hope you will find, is central to all of my endeavours!”

We are always looking for partners, sponsors and talented additions to our team. Are you interested in supporting Laugh Therapy?

Do you have skills that you feel might help our organisation grow? Maybe you'd like to work for us or train as a Laugh Therapist? 

If this sounds like you, contact us and let us know how you can help. We'd love to hear from you.

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