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Laughter For Teaching INSET/CPD Training

A workshop for staff exploring how laughter can support wellbeing and improve performance

  • 3 hr
  • Vary: Length/Numbers
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Laughter in the workplace lifts morale and improves teamwork. It unites people, breaks down barriers, enhances cooperation and communication, building relationships that wouldn’t previously have existed. Laughter is NOT unprofessional or a distraction. Bringing more laughter to a workplace reduces job dissatisfaction and helps recruit and retain outstanding employees. Laughter is also a great leveller between management and workforce. Laughter builds trust, signals social interest, defuses conflict, resolves disagreements and heals resentments. It increases productivity and performance, making staff more likely to go the extra mile. Due to the body’s release of gamma waves when laughing, research shows it also improves concentration, alertness, creativity, divergent thinking and problem solving skills. Laughter strengthens and exercises the body, producing higher energy levels due to greater circulation and blood oxygen. Laughter also relaxes the body resulting in less muscle tension. It improves respiration and heart function and lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and improve sleep quality. Laughter’s impact results in a stronger immune system, less illness and fewer absences. Laughter releases endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which tackle stress, anxiety, burnout and depression. Mental health and emotional wellbeing is improved. Laughter contributes to a positive mindset and attacks toxic negativity, strengthening physical, mental and emotional resilience. The ability to laugh at stress provides psychological distance, calmness under pressure, less tension (due to a reduction in cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and growth hormone). It also provides the same emotional release as crying (but feels better). Our Laughter For Teachers Workshop is suitable for all school staff. It combines fun practical activities, informative research, exercises, suggestions and strategies to make the workplace a more positive, productive, enjoyable and healthier place to work. **Ideally we advise a maximum of 30 people per session. We will gladly accommodate more, however you may want to consider booking 2 half day workshops in one day as it will probably be cheaper. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a bespoke quote** Book this enjoyable, practical and insightful workshop today. It'll be the one training session they'll be talking about long after all the others.

Contact Details

+ +44 7543663901

Business Address 76 Arden Way, Market Harborough, UK

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