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Do You Need Strategies To Improve Wellbeing At Work?
How About Help With Engaging Students and Raising Attainment?
Is Workplace
 Stress an Issue? Want Strategies to Energise Your Team or Create a More Positive Work Environment?

...Laugh Therapy Can Help You.

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No one should dread work, live miserably, feel burnt out and anxious, disengage with learning, or find the management of health issues overwhelming.

Whether it's a workplace, a school, a hospital or care home, evidence shows they're infinitely better environments for health, recovery, teamwork and achievement when there's a positive culture rooted in joy, laughter, connection and playful creativity.

We are Laugh Therapy


Associate Members of the International Society For Humor Studies. 

We research the applied and therapeutic benefits of laughter, humour and play.

We provide a range of services to help you apply these benefits. 

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There is extensive research to prove the impact humour, laughter and play have in improving physical health, memory, teamwork, focus, engagement, creativity, problem solving, mental wellbeing academic attainment and productivity.


Laugh Therapy work from a broad tool box to create bespoke services designed to transform your work culture, enhance your health, build resilience, engage your students, boost your staff, and tackle stress, anxiety and burnout.

Physical, psychological, social and emotional wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do.

We're here to prove to you - happiness is the key to success and laughter is the best medicine.

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The laughter event was great. I learnt so much.  I never knew that laughter could be so beneficial. Funny and really informative.

How Can We Help You?

We work with business leadership and workplace teams, healthcare professionals, education staff and students, those receiving healthcare support, as well as their care providers.

Click a link and find out more about how Laugh Therapy can help you.

Humour/laughter can decrease stress, lower blood pressure, relax muscle tension, moderate pain, and boost immune defenses.

Restak, Richard, MD. 'The New Brain' p 90-92. PA: Rodale, 2003.

Click to find out more about why humans laugh and what science is teaching us about its benefits for so many situations and conditions.

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