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LaughterCare Full Day Workshop

One full day's LaughterCare Workshop for hospitals, care homes and support groups

  • 5 hours 45 minutes
  • From £549
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Our LaughterCare workshop is specifically designed for long-stay patients, children's wards, hospices, charities for those coping with serious illness or support groups for those in recovery. We can also adapt our workshop to offer training for health and social care staff. Laughter distances people from the problems they're facing. It provides a way to master their situation and retain some sense of control. Laughter builds perspective and resilience whilst reducing anxiety and stress, helping whether it is in a battle with illness, as emotional respite for carers, or those coping with grief or separation.  ​ Aside from the emotional benefits, laughter has dramatic effects on mind and body which can help when battling ill health, be it mental or physical. Laughter releases serotonin and endorphins in the brain which improves mood but are also 10 times more effective at eliminating pain than morphine. By raising pain tolerance, studies show that people who laugh often required significantly less pain medication during their recovery after surgery. Among many other benefits, laughter stimulates the brain, strengthens the immune system and releases natural, infection fighting 'killer cells'. It also raises disease-fighting immunoglobulins by 14% and releases neuropeptides which lower blood pressure. Laughter is important for those in care - be it elderly or hospice - it can help them to feel human when those around them are scared to have fun in their presence for fear of being insensitive. Laughter can help to normalise their condition, put others at ease, allowing them the permission to laugh, making the sufferer feel less uncomfortable and isolated. ​ LaughterCare workshops add joy, relief, optimism, resilience and positivity which can be particularly helpful through difficult experiences and loss. Even if it can't change the stressful situation, laughter, as an emotional release, can be one of the strongest weapons for coping. LaughterCare Workshops are a fantastic complementary therapy for patients (and carers), providing benefits in their battle with illness and recovery. **Ideally we advise a maximum of 30 people per session. If you would like to add more people, this is absolutely fine - contact us with your requirements and we will accommodate your needs or consider dividing a full day workshop into 2 half-day sessions.**

Contact Details

+ +44 7543663901

Business Address 76 Arden Way, Market Harborough, UK

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