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LaughterCare Half Day Workshop

One half-day LaughterCare Workshop for hospitals, care homes and support groups

  • 3 hours 15 minutes
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Service Description

Our LaughterCare workshop is specifically designed for health and social care staff, however it can be adapted for long-stay patients, children's wards, hospices, charities for those coping with serious illness or support groups for those in recovery. Laughter can provide emotional distance from the problems they're facing. It can provide a positive means to master their situation and wrestle back some sense of control. Laughter builds perspective and resilience. It is proven to provide pain relief, can reduce anxiety and stress, and can be a highly effective complementary support, whether it is during a battle with illness, those managing their recovery, as emotional respite for carers, or those coping with diagnosis or grief. Our Half Day Workshop (which excludes short break) is formed of two 90 mins sessions plus plenary. Staff training workshops focus on the benefits that applied humour, laughter and play have in transforming negative work environments, managing stress, reducing burnout, building resilience, strengthening team cohesion, boosting morale and improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It also explores the social impact, as humour, laughter and play has a ripple effect, benefitting those we interact with. For patients, carers and those managing or recovering from a condition, this workshop is bespoke, and therefore tailored to the specific condition or needs of the group, since there is now extensive research to prove its benefits to such an eclectic mix of conditions. We will summarise the scientific research for each group's focus, and explore strategies to improve their situation; adding joy, relief, resilience and positivity which are essential through difficult experiences, after diagnosis, during illness and recovery, or whilst caring for others. When receiving (or providing) care - be it hospital, elderly, recovery or palliative - emotional wellbeing is vital. Our workshop will provide an empowering perspective and a mindful toolkit to help manage your situation, condition or workplace. Even if it can't eliminate the problem, applied therapeutic laughter strategies can be one of the strongest weapons for coping physically, mentally and socially. The impact can be profound. Whether you're a team of healthcare professionals, a recovery support group, social care residents or a carers charity; book your half day LaughterCare training workshop today.

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